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Grove Manor Family

We're so glad you're here!  A little about us....

Steve and Sarah Cosgrove: Owners

Steve has been in the flooring industry for nearly two decades in Denver. After graduating from college at SMU, he moved up to CO where he met his wife Sarah. After owning and growing a flooring franchise for seven years, combined with growing their family of 6; they had a desire to branch out and extend their expertise in their own way, now in the Asheville area. Grove Manor was planted and bloomed!  


Ironically, this started on their fifth wedding anniversary year, and the traditional gift is wood.  What better way to celebrate than giving each other their own re-branded wood business!

Steve is an expert in flooring and sales, and Sarah specializes in operations, with an eye for design. With Steve's expertise and friendly approach and Sarah's Southern Roots, they bring honest craftsmanship, professionalism, creativity, and hospitality to your project.  The Cosgroves now call Hendersonville,North Carolina "home."

The Meaning of Grove Manor:

A grove is a group of trees or small forest, woodsy place of worship, and a play on the last name Cosgrove.  The term is symbolic for the Cosgroves' love of nature, working with wood, and their "group" or grove within their family business; from their working relationships, clients, crews, and family.

A manor is typically thought of in relation to English law, and to a large country house on a large piece of land, beyond a grove.  Manors are known for solid construction and for peaceful domestic life.  This plays well into the Grove Manor name representing solid foundation in their work, material selection, healthy environment, and durability.  The Cosgroves strive to help clients update or create their manor to make memories in, for many years to come.


The Cosgroves are so proud to be a family owned, small business now in the Asheville, NC area! 

Sean Lajoie

Field Manager

Meet Sean Lajoie! We are thrilled to have him on our team. Sean spent 9 years in northwest Colorado, in Steamboat Spring before joining the team in 2019. He discovered his fascination with creating and building with his hands while spending some time working as a carpenter with his uncle. He’s also a talented Sous Chef! When he isn’t working; he loves to snowboard, downhill bike, and paddle-board. Sean and his wife, Alyssa, (Sarah’s cousin) moved to Arden in December, and are excited to call North Carolina home! We are excited too.


Melony Winters

Project Manager

Professionally, before joining Grove Manor Flooring, Melony worked 20 years in retail management: 16 years with Hibbett Sports as a District Sales Manager and more recently with Cost Plus World Market as a store manager. Melony credits these prior roles with helping her better understand how important relationships, connections, customer service, and communication are essential for success.  


Personally, she is a native of Hendersonville and grew up in the Edneyville community where she still resides. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, camping, boating and spending time with her family and friends.   


When asked about her motivation for branching out into a completely new field, she noted a continuous desire to learn new things and be a part of something special.  “I knew when I met with Sarah and Steve, they are true craftsmen and have a vision to deliver the ultimate product and services to their clients.  They have a philosophy and a work ethic I am proud to be a part of.”  

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