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"Rooted in craftsmanship and service, for YOUR perfect floor." 

Hardwood Flooring Installation Services in Hendersonville, NC

Our Services Include
Hardwood Floor Installation  // Hardwood Floor Refinishing  // Custom Hardwood Finishes// Green Friendly Finishes For Hardwoods  // Tile Work  // Much More... 
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Welcome to Grove Manor Flooring! We are hardwood flooring specialists (floor ninjas if you prefer) located in the heart of Western North Carolina in
Hendersonville, and service the surrounding areas,
primarily in Asheville, Brevard, and the surrounding areas. 
We are a family-owned and run business and our roots in the
hardwood flooring industry run deep.
We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and service to our clients. 
You can read more about our story here.
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